Recovering From an Upset Stomach? Eat (And Avoid) These Foods


I really don’t know about you, but with the stomach flu is among the worst frequent “sicknesses” I can consider. Fortunately there are a few foods to get you on the way for your old self very quickly sour stomach remedies.

1. Peppermint

In case you’ve got an upset tummy, peppermint tea can help alleviate your nausea and may also quell your upset stomach. The peppermint you decide on should not be overly sugary and is best consumed at a tea type. Peppermint tea is among the very soothing foods to get an upset stomach and will calm your nausea very quickly. Peppermint tea is also excellent for women that suffer from morning sickness because it doesn’t have any unwanted side effects but is rather effective for relieving nausea.

2. Coffee

Another food that’s excellent

your digestive tract and may quell nausea is ginger. Ginger can also be packed with antioxidants and also is beneficial for your whole body. You are able to consume ginger raw or it is also possible to use it in foods. If you suffer from nausea, then you are able to drink ginger tea like this, such as peppermint tea, are able to save you from getting sick.

3. Rice

Rice is easy in your own body and is an perfect food for somebody who’s getting back into eating solid foods after being ill. Rice could be made with chicken broth for a remedy for treating a cold as well as a very simple method to acquire some bland food in your stomach.

4. Crackers

Eating crackers is just another way which you may help ease your way back into solid foods when you’re ill and haven’t been around solid foods for a while.

5. Bananas

Bananas are simple to digest and are usually among the first foods given for infants (that simply by their youthful character have sensitive stomachs). Bananas can also be among the best foods to get an upset stomach since they aren’t heavy, but do supply you with essential nutrients which you might have lost when ill (for example, potassium).

When You’ve Got an upset tummy, you will want to Prevent these foods:

1. Dairy

Eating milk following an upset stomach might appear to be a means to calm down the gut, but generally produces an opposite impact. Cheese is quite binding and can lead to constipation, whilst milk may trigger (or worsen) diarrhea.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine (like that contained in beverages such as tea or coffee, or even at chocolate) is tough in your stomach to start with, in order for sure do not need to jump directly into those drinks/food when recovering from a bloated tummy. When you’re back on your feet it is possible to return to your morning cup of coffee or give into your chocolate cravings. Until then – grip off.

3. Spicy Foods

Similar to caffeine, spicy foods may cause a mess on your belly in an ordinary situation, even less when you are already sick. You will enjoy those foods much more when you are back to a healthy self!

4. Nuts

Nuts are tough to digest for certain individuals and though they are great for you, they could irritate your digestive tract much more if it’s currently in distress.

5. Tomatoes

Save your berries and tomato-based foods for if you are fully recovered!


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